4 Things to Consider at Christmas

real meaning of Christmas

1.  Look at your focus.

It’s so important that we keep our focus on Christ, and not the THINGS of Christmas.  I love all the decorations, music, baking, and gift giving that go with this time of year.  However, we know that’s not what we should be focusing on.  We need to check and be sure we keep our focus on His birth, the real reason for our celebration.

2.  Look at your faith.

Many parents spend a lot of time trying to make their children believe in Santa Claus.  Do we go to just as much effort (or more) to help our kids know that Jesus is real? Do we live and talk in such a way that our kids know we truly believe in Him, and have a relationship with Him?

3.  Look at your giving.

Christmas is a time of giving.  We enjoy giving gifts to those we love.  We spend time trying to find the perfect gift or gifts for them.  We get excited about showing our love by giving.  Are we that way about giving to God?  We need to remember that it is a privilege to give back to God part of what He has given to us.

4.  Look at your love.

We should love God more than anything.  However, loving Him will cost us something.  It means dying to self; loving those who are hard to love; and loving in not just word, but in deed.  We should let His love flow through us, and out to others.

These are great, simple reminders about the importance of making Christ the central focus of Christmas!

(These thoughts are from a sermon my nephew, Dan King,  preached at his church last Sunday. It blessed me, so i wanted to share it with you!) 


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  1. Visiting today from A Mama’s Story. What simple reminders to help keep our hearts and minds focused on the reason for this season! Please visit me @ http://vintagehousewife.org/2013/12/16/insta-party/

  2. Here Via List It Tuesday {only a few days late}

    Great list! It’s so easy to get swept up in the doing that we forget what we’re REALLY SUPPOSED to be doing.

  3. Love #2! Something we don’t contemplate very often! It’s so easy to get caught up making Santa know…but are we pointing as much to our Lord, this season! Hhhmm! Thank you! Joining you from Faith-filled Fridays! So good “meeting” you! Blessings, Jen

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