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Excerpt below if from “Dating: Is it Worth the Risk” by Reb Bradley – for more info, see product description below.


Courtship Dating
1. It is engaged in for exploring a relationship for marraige. 1. It is engaged in for the purpose of personal gratification.
2. It is a means to an end. It is engaged in only when ready to marry. 2. It is an end in itself. It is engaged in years before ready to marry, or as a substitute for marriage.
3. It requires parental involvement. (Except with remarriage) 3. It generally discourages parental involvement.
4. It limits the number of premarital relationships developed. 4. It provides extensive opportunities to develop multiple relationships.
5. It considers all physical contact a priviledge of those who have bound themselves for life with marriage vows. 5. it promotes various levels of physical contact, from holding hands to fornication.
6. It rarely leaves couples alone or unchaperoned. 6. It provides extensive time for unmarried couples to be alone.


Many Christian parents today are looking for an alternative to today’s dating system, because they realize that today’s dating system is dangerous. On this page, we “connect” you with our favorite resources about dating vs. courtship. They will not give you steps to follow, but will give you Biblical practical principles to follow that are founded on the Word of God.

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Parenting for Purity

Tom Houck

Our culture is in the midst of a divorce epidemic that has lasted for more than three decades. The grievous tragedy is, the Christian community is no different than the world: half of all marriages end in divorce. Parents today must be acutely aware of this danger to their children, and know how to protect their children from that danger.

Why these serious and astonishing percentages? The most common reason there is so much failure in marriage is because of the unbiblical relationships people engage in prior to marriage. Harmful beliefs concerning male/female relationships are being taught to our children at early ages. Children are being programmed to travel down a lifelong road of immorality and, in many cases, divorce. Therefore, parents must begin to counteract these teachings by discipling the truth about these matters at an early age. Parents can use their influence to save save their children from broken hearts, emotional scarring, and divorce that often arises from worldly relationships.

Book: $12.00

Being Faithful to Your Future Spouse

Tom Houck

Most of the boyfriend/girlfriend relationships we see today do not match the type of relationship needed to translate into a successful marriage. Those relationships are usually not created for the right purpose, nor do they contain the right preparation or practice. In fact, the way that dating is commonly conducted today is divorce practice. A major contradiction found in those relationships is faithfulness.

Faithfulness is the lifetime commitment to remain emotionally and physically devoted to only one person and is one of the requirements of marriage that should be practiced prior to entering into it. A person should be faithful to their future souse both before and after they meet their spouse.

Book: $9.00
passionate parenting

Passionate Parenting

Cary Schmidt

I am including this book in the purity section because it contains one chapter on guiding our kids through infatuation, emotions, and other flammable things; and another chapter on talking to your teen about sex and purity.  These two chapters are EXCELLENT, and have a wealth of practical, helpful ideas relating to dealing with these topics with your teens.)

Parenting is work.  Parenting is tough.  And, contrary to popular expectations, it gets harder as kids get older.

Passionate Parenting is about pursuing the heart of your teenager (and child) and helping that heart fall in love with the heart of God.  It all begins with examining your own heart as a parent.  It begins with being passionate about your own relationship with Jesus Christ and His will for your life.

Then it overflows into a passionate, heart-focused, parent-teen relationship that is built on authenticity, transparency, laughter, godliness, and growth.

The teen years are the best years of parenting.  But for many families, they are the worst.  (Often because they neglected following many of these ideas when the kids were young!)  For many they are nothing more than years of distance, brokenness, hurt, and regret.  This doesn’t have to be your family!

If you’re up for the challenge of becoming a passionate parent – if you long to enjoy the teen years, and you’re ready for some tough but rewarding work – then dive in!  This book will equip you for the journey.

Book: $16.95SALE: $14.95

Seeds of Disintegration

Dr. S. M. Davis

This tape clearly shows that the boyfriend/girlfriend philosophy of our society is flawed, and is carrying our young people into mental, emotional and spiritual captivity. Dr. Davis gives answers to these questions: What specific “fruits” are being produced in lives, homes and churches by playing the boyfriend/girlfriend game? Why do many Godly youth suddenly lose interest in spiritual things? What “freedoms” are most Christian young people forfeiting? What specific commitment should teens make? If you have any doubt about dating being harmful, this will change your mind. It is a real eye-opener for teens and parents! Testimonies have been given by teens who gave up dating after hearing this message. The 65 minute video includes on-screen graphics of outlines and Scriptures.


CD: $6.50



God’s Plan for Finding a Mate

Dr. S. M. Davis

This is a thought provoking, refreshingly different, thoroughly Biblical approach to going from being single to being a couple. It fills in the answers of how to guide your children into marriage safely, as well as making it enjoyable. Dr. Davis gives 4 key pattern principles to follow. This video is the one that will answer your “how to” questions, and the many testimonies that are shared will encourage you!! If you are looking for answers as to how courtship/betrothal works, this is the video for you.




Victory Over the Dating Spirit

Dr. S. M. Davis

Many teens make a courtship commitment but still wrestle with a “dating spirit”, always looking, and wondering, “Is this the one?”. Struggling with their emotions and giving their heart away doesn’t have to happen! Dr. Davis gives specific guidelines to parents and teens to follow in order to have victory in this area! Your teens will learn how to save their emotions for that one person God has chosen for them.




Seven Bible Truths Violated by Christian Dating

Dr. S. M. Davis

Bible-believing Churches for years have warned about worldly dating because of the danger of moral impurity. But 1 Thess. 4 is clear that it is possible to defraud a brother or sister, not only physically, but emotionally as well! Christian families, to be safe, must erect fences that will protect against defrauding in both areas. Christian dating violates:

The command to be a “one-woman man” or a one-man woman.

The principle of security in relationships.

The command to treat others like brothers or sisters.

The command to “not go beyond and defraud”.

The principle of going to sleep & waiting on God .

The principle of being ready to marry when you begin to seek your bride.

The command to “walk by faith, not by sight”.




Timeless Bible Teachings about the Bride Price

Dr. S.M. Davis

The Bride price may be a material gift, but is primarily the self-sacrifice of the young man. The price a man pays to get his bride, like the price Jesus paid, is the most important price he’ll ever pay. Paying this price accomplishes several things for both the young man, his betrothed, and their families. His self-sacrifice, instead of self-indulgence, gives to his bride-to-be a feeling of great worth.





Preparing Your Children for Courtship and Marriage From Toddlers to Teens

Reb Bradley

With so many young people corrupting themselves with sexual impurity, it is obvious that the Church’s present views on sex and dating warrant scrutiny! Pastor Reb Bradley is convinced it is time for God’s people to reexamine what the Bible teaches about dating, courtship and sexual purity. In this series of messages, he exposes how the Church has lost the Biblical view of chastity and courtship and has “Christianized” worldly concepts of dating. If you, as a parent, are ready to take drastic Biblical measures.

Set of 8 CD’s: $46.00


Let’s Talk About Courtship & Dating

Kathie Morrissey, Michael Farris, Dennis Gundersen & Israel Wayne

The dangers of dating will be discussed, and then the Biblical alternative of courtship will be explained. Find out what is meant by courtship, and how to implement it in your family. You will be blessed as Kathie’s 18 year old daughter shares her testimony regarding courtship. Don’t wait until this is a problem with your young people. Decide now how to deal with boy/girl relationships!

MP3: $3.99

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Dating or Courtship: Choose God’s Best

Kathie Morrissey

The dangers of dating will be discussed, and then the Biblical alternative of courtship will be explained. Find out what is meant by courtship, and how to implement it in your family. You will be blessed as Kathie’s 18 year old daughter shares her testimony regarding courtship. Don’t wait until this is a problem with your young people. Decide now how to deal with boy/girl relationships!

MP3: $3.99

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 DAT 3

Dating: Is it Worth the Risk?

Reb Bradley

Conscientious parents will welcome this eye-opening examination of modern dating practices and their effects on our young people. Because 20th century dating is linked to increased sexual promiscuity and a growing divorce rate, there is a recent trend to move away from modern dating, and return to the tradition of parent-involved courtship. This book tells it like it is, and leaves you with no doubt that dating is not worth the risk!

Book: $9.00


Stay in the Castle

Jerry Ross

This is the story of a young lady who finds herself at a crossroad. Once road is marked “My will.” The other is marked “God’s will.” It is a story of misplaced love, love lost and genuine love realized. Best of all, it is a true story. It is being used all across America to encourage Christian young people to wait for God’s perfect will in a marriage partner.

Booklet: $3.00


Seven Royal Laws of Courtship

Jerry Ross

Many young people, after reading Stay in the Castle, have vowed to wait for God’s perfect will in a marraige partner. But is inspiration enough? It is one thing to know what to do, but quite another to know how to do it. This is a Bible-based ‘how-to-book’ for young people wishing to be happily married one day. What Stay in the Castle offers in inspiration, this boklet humbly offers in instruction.

Booklet: $3.00

The Courtship Series

These books are written to encourage those who intend to follow a Biblically-based courtship. The books encourage readers to heed parental advice and to live in obedience to the Lord.


Journey of the Heart – The Story of Janet McLean

Jeannie Castleberry, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Castleberry

Journey of the Heart is the long-awaited story of Janet McLean. Janet, now twenty-two years old, has matured and grown in the Lord. She has many longings, struggles, and questions that she must face with the help of the Lord and her parents. Will anyone ever want to court her? How should she handle her desires for a husband and family of her own? When she finds herself attracted to a young man, what should she do? This is the very honest account of a young woman who is still waiting on the Lord. Journey of the Heart is part of the Courtship Series, which encourages active parental involvement as young adults seek a mate. The main characters in the book are committed followers of Jesus Christ, and Christian family values are emphasized throughout. The reader will be encouraged to heed parental advice and to live in obedience to the Lord.



The Courtship of Sarah McLean

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Castleberry

Sarah McLean is a nineteen year-old girl who longs to become a wife and mother. The book chronicles a period of two years, in which she has to learn to trust her parents and God fully in their decisions for her future. Will the right man desire to court her? What if no one does? Should Sarah change her standards in order to get married? (Paperback 160 pages)



Jeff McLean: His Courtship

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Castleberry

Follow the story of Jeff McLean as he seeks God’s direction for his life. This book is written from a young man’s perspective. A discussion of godly traits to seek in young men and women is included as part of the story. The main characters are committed followers of Jesus Christ, and Christian family values are emphasized throughout. (paperback 150+ pages)



Waiting for her Isaac

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Castleberry

Sixteen year-old Beth Grant is quite happy with her life and has no desire for any changes. But God has many lessons in store before she is ready for courtship. The story of Beth’s spiritual journey toward godly womanhood is told along with the story of her courtship. Learn along with Beth what it means to make Jesus truly the Lord of your life. (Paperback 150 pages)


Commitment Resources

Commitment Certificate

This is a covenant made by a Father & his son or daughter, where the Father makes a covenant before God to protect, teach and guide his teen in principles regarding life and marriage. The son/daughter in turn commits to accepting their parent’s protection and guidance in the area of relationships.

(NOTE: When ordering, please specify “son” or “daughter” certificate.)

Son: $1.00

Daughter: $1.00

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