passionate parentingI believe that most new parents have a passion for raising their kids from the day they are born.  Often, however, that passion begins to lessen as the busyness of life gets in the way.  Being passionate in our parenting is something that we have to plan to do ON PURPOSE.  It won’t just happen.  What more important task is there than raising our kids to know and love God?  It’s something we can get excited about, and should put our all into.

I just finished reading the book by Cary Schmidt titled “Passionate Parenting”.  I absolutely LOVED the book, and was very encouraged, convicted, and challenged by it. Don’t be misled by the subtitle: Enjoying the Journey of Parenting Teens. Parents with young children would benefit GREATLY from the thoughts shared, if they started implementing some of the things he talks about at a very early age, and then continue on into the teen years. We’ve got to keep a close connection with our kids from their early years, all the way through the teen years, and do all we can to keep their hearts.  This book is about pursing the heart of your child and helping that heart fall in love with the heart of God.  It all begins with examining your own heart as a parent. It begins with being passionate about your own relationship with Jesus Christ and His will for your life.   Then it overflows into a passionate, heart-focused, parent-teen relationship that is built on authenticity, transparency, laughter, godliness, and growth.

Just to give you a glimpse into what the book contains, here are a few of the subtitles:

*Do you like your kids?

*What do engaged parents look like?

*Turning Your Heart Toward Your Teen

*What Quality Time Together Looks Like

*Fourteen Ways to Affirm Your Kids

*Keys to Developing Parental Discernment

And just a few outstanding quotes that caught my eye, and are too good not to share;

*Passive parents focus on behavior modification rather than heart transformation.  Wise parents do not merely try to modify or manipulate outward behavior.  They are always thinking of the heart and targeting heart transformation.  They are always asking the question: “Is my child just conforming outwardly, or is his heart embracing God’s truth?”

*A discerning parent is constantly on a sacred pursuit of their child’s heart.

*If you had to quantify your parenting focus with the following words, which two would be most accurate: Managing Behavior or Mentoring Hearts?

This book is one of the most practical, helpful parenting books that I can recommend – and I’ve been reading parenting books for over 30 years now, so that says a lot! :) I think it should be in the library of every parent who wants to develop a love for God in their children.  I will be adding this to our character store, and our purity store.  (He has a whole chapter on purity, which is excellent!)  You can see more info about the book, and how to purchase it HERE.

CONTEST IS OVER! Thank you to everyone who participated!

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  1. Mariah king says:

    Sounds like a great book!

  2. Sounds like a good book to share w/others.

  3. With three small children, it seems very easy to lose any passion in life–besides trying to make it through the day in one piece!

    • Elissa, that comment made me laugh – only because I can relate to it all too well! As a mom of 8 thought, trust me when I tell you that it WILL get better, and it WILL get easier. So hang in there.

  4. Love it! :)

  5. Sounds like something my husband and I would enjoy.

  6. I am a Mom to 3 but most of the time it seems like 5 with helping to raise 2 other kids. My oldest is 16 and then I have almost a 6 year gap before our others came a long. I feel that we have lost our passion with raising our oldest. He is a great kid, not much trouble, but I feel that we are lacking our passion in helping him to mature to adult hood.

  7. Marina Mohesky says:

    I’m a homeschool mom of 3 girls. Even though I am passionate about parenting, the “busy” part of life makes it difficult and I know I’m often not as passionate as I could be. I also help lead a youth group and would love to share this information with other teen parents.

    • Marina, I know how that goes – life can get so busy! Inside we are still passionate, but we have a hard time keeping up with it all. Please do share it this with the teens parents. It is one of the best resources I have seen in a long time, and will be a huge help to parents!

  8. I have enjoyed other materials and I am sure this will be the same. You try to share your faith and values, but how much do they take away with them as their own. You think you have their best interest and heart, but this world doesn’t make easy. Sometimes life goes so quickly and homeschool keeps you busy-it is hard to know am doing all I should be with the time. I have two sons, 14 and 11.

  9. Dawn Shirk says:

    I have a 4 years old and a 13 year. Sometimes I feel pulled in so many directions I lose my passion.

  10. This books sounds very helpful! Always looking for good parenting resources!

  11. Sounds like a fabulous resource!

  12. I need all the help I can get most days! I feel at a loss for words for some of the things my children do, I would love to be able to learn how to speak to their hearts more!

  13. I am a mother of 2. I (and my husband) are raising a our two daughters in the best ways we know how to according to God’s Word. It seems that in these later teen years I have grown rather tired and am feeling drained on a daily basis. I absolutely love both of my daughters but I wish I had had more of the fiery passion I had years ago in my parenting these days. It is a time that our daughters really need their parents to be there for them and I have been feeling that I have been lacking and falling short in so many ways and I’ve been really tired too. Some days I’m just not sure what to do. The stages my daughters are in right now are such new stages and I’m trying to understand them and how to best parent them through the times they are in. So the title of this book in itself seems like a topic that might just help me and light that fire in my heart once again. I sure could use that. My hope is that I could finish the race stronger than when I first started it.

  14. Karen Parker says:

    Looking forward to getting some good ideas to help us through some rough spots!

  15. Sounds like a great book!!

  16. Jenn Chandler says:

    I love reading your blog. I would love to win a copy of the book you have suggested. I love reading, and when I can sneak a few minutes I’m reading a parenting/homeschooling book. I have three children ages 5 down to 2 at this time. There are times that I feel as though I can’t go on another day-which usually means I really need a good night’s sleep to clear my head. Last year my husband and I attended our first homeschool convention in Montgomery, Alabama and you were the speaker for one of the sessions that we attended. We have been actively following your blog since then. Thank you so much for sharing your homeschool journey.

  17. Karyn Hostetter says:

    This sounds like a great book for me right now.

  18. I am always searching for great books for parents to help me grow as a parent and become all I can so I can bless our children and have wonderful heart relationships with them. I am also on the lookout for great parenting books since becoming grandparents for the first time almost one year ago now. I know our adult children will want the best books offered for parents so they can learn and grow as well.

  19. this sounds like a helpful book. would like to read it.

  20. Kristina Best says:

    I think it will help guide me to better my parenting skills.

  21. I have approached parenting from the behavioral standpoint. I need to mentor my children’s hearts. Sounds like a good book.

  22. Cheryl Powell says:

    Too often I’m managing behavior when I wish I was mentoring their hearts!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  23. This looks like a fantastic book!!

    Dianne P.

  24. Sherri Jackson says:

    Both of my kids are in high school and I want to stay connected to them…I think this book could help me.

  25. Thanks for the opportunity to win and for linking up this week. Hope you’re having a great week so far!

  26. looks like a good book. Always looking for books about parenting and marriage! Thanks for the suggestions and for hosting the hop.

  27. mrs. hayes says:

    This would be a great help for our family. I have 3 natural children, with another on the way, and we adopted 2 teens.

  28. Always looking for resources to help in the quest to be a godly parent!!

  29. I would like a copy of this book to help me refocus. I have 3 boys (6, 4, and 9 weeks) and am having a little bit of a hard time keeping it all together, especially with homeschooling. All my boys are blessings and I want them to know it.

  30. For two young parents who are just finding god ourselves, and wanting to raise emotionally strong children who love god, I am interested in what this book has to offer.

  31. I’d like to win because I need to be more than just mom and teacher, I want my children to see me love them not just be a body and to see me enjoy being a mom so they too can know being a parent can be full of joy.

  32. I have never heard of this book but it sounds like one I need to read. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Looks like a great book. I would love a copy!

  34. Sounds like a great book and something we would enjoy!

  35. This book looks great. I have been speaking at homeschool conventions for years on this very topic. Can’t wait to read and gain even more insights.

  36. Thank you for the review of this book. It sounds like a good read. Thank you for linking this giveaway over at WholeHearted Home this week. Have a great week!!


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