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We are excited to offer you some wonderful resources that you can use to teach God’s idea of purity to your children at any age. Society today is doing everything to undermine God’s standard of purity, and we need to start shaping our children’s values in this area at a young age! The battle is intense, so we must not approach purity casually, but be willing to do what it takes to protect our children/teen’s purity.

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Parenting for Purity

Tom Houck

Our culture is in the midst of a divorce epidemic that has lasted for more than three decades. The grievous tragedy is, the Christian community is no different than the world: half of all marriages end in divorce. Parents today must be acutely aware of this danger to their children, and know how to protect their children from that danger.

Why these serious and astonishing percentages? The most common reason there is so much failure in marriage is because of the unbiblical relationships people engage in prior to marriage. Harmful beliefs concerning male/female relationships are being taught to our children at early ages. Children are being programmed to travel down a lifelong road of immorality and, in many cases, divorce. Therefore, parents must begin to counteract these teachings by discipling the truth about these matters at an early age. Parents can use their influence to save save their children from broken hearts, emotional scarring, and divorce that often arises from worldly relationships.

Book: $12.00


Being Faithful to Your Future Spouse

Tom Houck

Most of the boyfriend/girlfriend relationships we see today do not match the type of relationship needed to translate into a successful marriage. Those relationships are usually not created for the right purpose, nor do they contain the right preparation or practice. In fact, the way that dating is commonly conducted today is divorce practice. A major contradiction found in those relationships is faithfulness.

Faithfulness is the lifetime commitment to remain emotionally and physically devoted to only one person and is one of the requirements of marriage that should be practiced prior to entering into it. A person should be faithful to their future souse both before and after they meet their spouse.

Ebook: $9.00

passionate parenting

Passionate Parenting

Cary Schmidt

Parenting is work.  Parenting is tough.  And, contrary to popular expectations, it gets harder as kids get older.

Passionate Parenting is about pursuing the heart of your teenager (and child) and helping that heart fall in love with the heart of God.  It all begins with examining your own heart as a parent.  It begins with being passionate about your own relationship with Jesus Christ and His will for your life.

Then it overflows into a passionate, heart-focused, parent-teen relationship that is built on authenticity, transparency, laughter, godliness, and growth.

The teen years are the best years of parenting.  But for many families, they are the worst.  (Often because they neglected following many of these ideas when the kids were young!)  For many they are nothing more than years of distance, brokenness, hurt, and regret.  This doesn’t have to be your family!

If you’re up for the challenge of becoming a passionate parent – if you long to enjoy the teen years, and you’re ready for some tough but rewarding work – then dive in!  This book will equip you for the journey.

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Just Friends: Guarding Your Heart for a Wonderful Someday

Mike Ray & Cary Schmidt

What is this thing between guys and girls? Do we call it Dating? Attraction? Interest? We all know it’s there, but no one really knows what to call it, and for some strange reason everyone is afraid to talk about it! So what do you call it?

You’ve probably said it. “We’re just friends!” Sometimes you mean it; sometimes you mean something a little stronger, but a bit harder to define. Whatever you call it, it’s time to understand a reasonable and biblical approach to guy/girl relationships.

This book will help you protect your heart as you journey through the dangerous minefields of young emotions and early attractions. And it will help you understand the biblical principles that will ultimately lead you to a true love and a “wonderful someday.”

Book: $13.00


Courage To Flee: Living a Moral Life In an Immoral World

Dr. Jeffrey Klick

Most of us don’t have the time, money, or desire to wade through a stack or relational/purity books looking for a few diamonds in the rough. So where do you even start? Well, I believe that Pastor Jeff Klick’s Courage to Flee: Living a Moral Life in an Immoral World is an excellent starting point for anyone desiring to bring their love lives under Christ’s control. Pastor Klick honestly and openly shares about our ability to avoid and overcome sexual temptation. Whether you are single, dating, courting, engaged, married, or parenting, Courage to Flee should be a book in your library. No matter your situation in life, whether on the road to becoming or simply trying to remain pure, this book will encourage you to escape the traps of immorality and raise your children with positive, Biblical values. Pastor Klick talks candidly about purity and relationships, and the way he addresses these topics is never inappropriate, so a preteen could read Courage to Flee without losing a piece of their purity and innocence in the process, a single adult could read it without feeling talked down to, or a married person can read it as a message of hope and victory.



Commitment to Purity (DVD)

Dr. S.M. Davis

Interestingly, the first mention of the word “pure” in the Bible was in relation to the gold on the Ark of the Covenant. This was “pure gold” that covered both the outside AND the inside of the ark. In like manner, purity for youth was clearly meant by God to be BOTH physical (the outside) and emotional (the inside.) A proper Biblical goal is for a guy to be a “one woman man” and for a girl to be a “one man woman.” This purity, also like gold, is of great value. Paul instructed youth to be “an example . . . in purity” and also to “keep thyself pure.” This 73 minute DVD, with over 200 onscreen graphics, gives several things youth can do to keep themselves pure. It especially encourages them to make a written commitment to purity that they keep in their Bible as a reminder of that commitment.

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Apples of Gold – a Parable of Purity

Lisa Samson

This is a story of two sisters in a long-ago land who are presented with a precious gift. The governor wants the young women to protect and care for this gift until the return of his son, the prince of the land. Upon the prince’s return, one sister will be chosen to serve the prince according to how the gift was cared for–and both sisters will be surprised by what the prince wants to offer the one who best cherishes the gift. The young women have dreams of being happy and loved. But how they see the gift–and themselves–will determine how that gift is treasured and what will remain of their dreams. Apples of Gold is a powerful parable about the beauty of sexual purity and the prize that awaits those committed to the keeping of such a gift.

Book: $11.00

Purity Principle

The Purity Principle God’s Safeguards for Life’s Dangerous Trails

Randy Alcorn

Some people have given up on purity. Some have never tried. Best-selling author Randy Alcorn shows us why, in this culture of impurity, the stakes are so high, and what we can do to experience the freedom of purity. Impurity will always destroy us; purity always leads to higher pleasures! Choose wisely. Let the insights of this amazing book help you gain your footing on the path to truly lasting joy. This is a great book for parents to read with their teens!

Book: $11.00

SALE: $8.00


The Princess and the Kiss

Jennie Bishop

The Princess and the Kiss is a marvelous parable of God’s gift of purity that will touch the heart of parent and child alike. A loving king and queen present their daughter with a special gift from God–her first kiss–to keep or to give away!! Suggested age:3 and up

Book: $13.00

SALE: $10.00

Coloring Book:$1.50


Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss

Jennie Bishop

This is a companion guide that will help plant the seeds of purity in the heart of your precious princess. This easy-to-use study guide covers biblical life lessons on relationships, the gift of purity, God’s plans for marraige (or singleness) and other lessons in a non-threatening and age appropriate way. Suggested age: 6 and up.

Book: $10.00

SALE: $8.00


The Squire and the Scroll -
A Tale of the Rewards of a Pure Heart

Jennie Bishop

This captivating adventure follows a young squire who travels a long , dangerous road beside his brave knight, on a quest for their king. Children will gain valuable insight as they learn, along with the young squire, what it means to face the dangers of temptation, and what it takes to guard one’s heart from all that is impure. Suggested age: 3 and up.

Book: $13.00

SALE: $10.00


Life Lessons from The Squire & the Scroll

Jennie Bishop

Picking up where the storybook left off, this easy-to-use devotional covers biblical teachings on purity, integrity, and God’s plan for relationships with your child in a non-threatening and age-appropriate way. These life lessons are packed with wisdom from God’s Word, truths that young men need to know as they navigate the paths that lead to an adult life of integrity and honor. You and your son can build a godly heritage with these short, practical, life-changing studies and activities that can be personalized for any age. An optional Squire of the Lantern Ceremony is also included as an exciting and memorable way to formally celebrate your son’s growth. Using this book you can begin today planing seeds and planning to harvest a future of purity for your growing squire!

Book: $10.00

SALE: $8.00


Stay in the Castle

Jerry Ross

This is the story of a young lady who finds herself at a crossroad. One road is marked “My will.” The other is marked “God’s will.” It is a story of misplaced love, love lost and genuine love realized. Best of all, it is a true story. It is being used all across America to encourage Christian young people to wait for God’s perfect will in a marriage partner.

Book: $3.00


Seven Royal Laws of Courtship

Jerry Ross

Many young people, after reading Stay in the Castle, have vowed to wait for God’s perfect will in a marraige partner. But is inspiration enough? It is one thing to know what to do, but quite another to know how to do it. This is a Bible-based ‘how-to-book’ for young people wishing to be happily married one day. What Stay in the Castle offers in inspiration, this booklet humbly offers in instruction.

Book: $3.00

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