Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue Character Curriculum

Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue PRESCHOOL & EARLY ELEMENTARY Character Curriculum

24 Weeks of Character Lessons in Just 10 Minutes a day!

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You can never start training your kids in character too early! The first five years are the most formative years. It is the BEST time to start teaching and training them to have Godly character.


This book provides you with 6 months of character lessons, that require very minimal preparation. Teach them 24 character qualities with a week of lessons for each of the traits. Provided in the lessons are the following:

  • A definition for the character trait
  • A memory verse
  • 3 “I WILL” statements that relate to applying the character quality in their daily life
  • Games, object lessons, or role play
  • A prayer for the child to pray about applying what they have learned.
  • A coloring page for each lesson.

Included is a reward chart with a picture for them to color, and space to display the character badges that they earn each week.

Here is help for building Godly character in your kids!

In addition to the Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue Character Curriculum, an  ELEMENTARY COPYWORK book  is also available as a supplement to the daily lessons. The COPYWORK book has a daily print writing lesson that the children copy. They copy the memory verse one day, the definition for the character trait another day, and one of the 3 “I WILL” statements on the other 3 days. 

This is a great way for them to practice their handwriting while reviewing what they are learning daily in their character lesson.

Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue



The curriculum and copywork provide  an EASY and FUN way for you to introduce 24 character traits to your children, and help them start growing into little lads and ladies of virtue!

These products are ebooks, which you can download and print immediately.
Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue

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LADS & LADIES OF WISDOM Character Curriculum!

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DO’s & DON’Ts of Helping In Time of Loss

When someone you know and care about is faced with the sudden death of a loved one, or even the expected death of a loved one, you wonder what you can do to help.

Help in time of loss

Yesterday in my post A Case of Sudden Death, I shared how my sister unexpectedly lost her husband this past Monday. I was with her for a couple of days after that, and want to share what I mentally took note of during that time — what she needed, what helped, etc.

1. DON’T ask “What can I do to help?

As much as you are willing to do whatever they need, the truth at first is:  THEY DON”T KNOW WHAT THEY NEED!  This is especially true immediately after the death, when they are still numb, and exhausted. My sister commented to me more than once, “Everyone keeps asking what they can do. I don’t know what to tell them!”

2.  DON’T tell them what they need to do.

That was another thing my sister said to me the next evening after her husband died. “Everyone keeps telling me what I need to do. I don’t need to do anything right now!” And she was right. All she needed to do were the essential things like planning the funeral, and letting folks know the details, and then getting some rest. All the rest could wait. The day after he died, and she’d been up most of the night, she was pretty much numb, with shock and  fatigue. I think that’s pretty normal. (I will say that after a good night’s rest, she felt much better, was thinking better, and knew what she needed to do as far as phone calls that were urgent, etc.)

3. DON’T ask to come over for the first 2 or 3 days.

As much as you want to go show your support, and be there for them, they will be spending several hours at the funeral home getting things set up; there will be phone calls they need to make to family and relatives. There are just many time consuming things that must be done, and they have to be the one to do those things. (Having a relative or good friend to go with them or make some of the calls would be a big help!)

My advice, if you know the person well enough, would be to think of something practical, and just DO it for them.

I heard a story once about a young woman, with several kids. Her husband died unexpectedly, and a friend came to the house and cleaned and polished all the kids’ shoes, so they’d look nice for the funeral. That is what I mean by thinking of something practical.

4. DON’T call for the first day or two.

Unless you are related, or VERY close, it’s probably best not to call, as things are hectic. They are busy with what needs to be done, and probably have family there to spend time with them.

5. DO provide food.

Usually the person who has lost a loved one is going to have family over there to help, and the last thing they need to be concerned with is making food.

*Vegetable trays and meat/cheese platters are nice, because they keep well, and make for good nibbling throughout the busy day.

*Healthy, quick snacks that are easy to keep, and can be grabbed on the run are great.

*If you bring food,  use disposable containers. Then they don’t have to wash dishes, or remember what dish belongs to who, and deal with getting it back to the right owner.

*Providing paper plates and plastic cups are nice, as well.

*When bringing food, don’t come in, unless they insist. The house may be a mess, and they don’t need to worry about that. (I noticed my sister dusting her living room by the front door, and teasingly said something about it. She replied with, “Well someone is coming over with food, and this house is a mess!”

6. DO send a text message letting them know you care.

Sending a text that says something like “I’m so sorry for your loss! Just want you to know that I’m thinking about you, and praying for you.” is a great way to show your support,  but it doesn’t require a response from the person. Facebook is another great way to let them know they are in your prayers, if they are a person who uses Facebook regularly.

7. DO just go over there, IF you are a close friend!

Give them a hug, and let them know you wanted to be sure they were ok. Then  tell them know you just want to do some things around the house to help, and that they can do what they need to, and you won’t bother them. Look around and see what would be helpful, and get busy.

I think the two most important areas to consider would be the entry way, where visitors would come to bring food, etc. Is there anything you can clean in that area, or the area they see when they walk in? I guarantee you that is a source of concern to the person, but it’s not something they have time to deal with.

The other important area is the kitchen. Everyone feels better when they can walk into a CLEAN kitchen. Are there dishes in the sink? Wash them. Does the floor need to be swept, or vacuumed?

When I went to my sister’s house, her kitchen counters had things all over them, and so did the table. When her friend brought food over, we had to push things around to make a place for the food. The next day, I told her I thought it would be nice to have the counters and table clear so when people brought food, there would be a place to put it.

While she was busy making needed calls, responding to emails, etc. I cleaned up the dishes, counter,  and table, swept the floor, and took the trash out. It made things look much nicer, and also provided a space for things.

8. DO remember them AFTER the funeral.

This is probably where we most often err. Everyone comes to their rescue and support right when the death occurs. After the funeral is over and everyone leaves,  reality sets in. Then  they have to deal with bills, lots of decisions, and loneliness.

*That’s when you should call.  That’s when you should ask, “What can I do”? Then offer ideas in your area of expertise, whether that be helping with all the paperwork that will need to be done, decluttering and cleaning, being the driver for the errands, buying groceries, bringing meals, or just keeping them company.

*It would also be a good time to send notes and cards letting them know you are thinking about them and praying for them. This is a good thing for months afterwards. The first year is the hardest, I’ve heard.

*Remember them on holidays. That’s when the loneliness is felt the most. Invite them to join your family, and don’t just assume that a relative or someone else will. Even if they say no, it will mean a lot to them.

*Continue to pray for them!  Prayer can do for them what we can’t do. Be faithful in praying for them to have wisdom in the decisions ahead, to have the strength and grace they need, and to feel God’s arms of comfort around them.

Obviously, each situation is different, and there will be variables to consider. But overall, most of these thoughts would be good to remember when you want to be a help, and don’t know what to do!





A Case of Sudden Death

When someone you know and care about is faced with the sudden death of a loved one, or even the expected death of a loved one, you wonder what you can do to help.

Late Monday night I got a phone call from my sister, Donna. A shocking, unexpected, heart-breaking phone call. Her husband, 61 years old, had just died unexpectedly, with no warning.

Donna Jim collage


My sister posted this on her Facebook page the next morning:

Thank you everybody for your prayers. I am still in shock and numb. He was fine. They gave him a clean bill of health. He walked in the bathroom and just dropped dead. Whew, it was his time. He was finished here on earth. He is so much better off now. Good night my darling hubby….I will see you again. I love you.

My sister is only one and a half years older than me, and we’ve always been close,  yet I wasn’t even sure what to do to help her! She said I didn’t need to come, but when I asked again a little bit later, she said she’d like for me to come and be with her. So Tuesday morning I threw some things together, and drove to Cleveland to be there for her.

On the trip over, I found myself singing the Scripture song that says “I am the resurrection and the life….” How comforting to think that this weekend we will be celebrating the resurrection of Christ, and because of that, we don’t grieve as though who have no hope. We know he is in heaven with His living Savior, and we rejoice in that truth!

I had an inside view of what goes on right after someone loses their loved one, and has so much to think about, and deal with. While walking through some of it with my sister, I learned  by watching what she was going through and what was going on, then made mental notes about things. In my next post, I will share my observations of what someone does and doesn’t need in this type of situation, and HOW YOU CAN BEST HELP someone in their time of loss and grief.

In the meantime though, remember that praying for those in need, and those who are hurting, is ALWAYS the right thing to do!!



Ultimate Blog Party

2014 blog party Welcome to the 2014 Ultimate Blog Party at The Character Corner! This annual event is hosted by 5 Minutes For Mom. The purpose of this party is to welcome and introduce friends, old and new, to my blog. I’m excited to make and meet some new friends!

Welcome to The Character Corner– an inspirational blog filled with resources to help you train your kids in character and purity.


My name is Kathie, mom of 8, grandmother to 4, speaker, author, and veteran homeschooling mom of 29 years. I am passionate about purposeful parenting, and love to write about parenting, homeschooling, what the Lord is teaching me, and life in general. My heart’s desire is to help and encourage parents to be intentional in their parenting, and strive to raise Godly children with strong Christian character.

My husband and I have been married for 35 years, and are nearing the end of our homeschooling journey. Our oldest 7 kids have graduated, and our youngest son will soon be finishing his junior year of high school. Four of our kids are  married, and our oldest son & his wife are missionaries in the Philippines. To learn a little bit more about  our family and our ministry check out:  ABOUT US.

Wedding pic - Alan & Me

I’m delighted you’re here and I hope you’ll take the time to look around and make yourself at home! My prayer is that you will be blessed by the things that I share.

Thanks for stopping in. I enjoy making new friends, and would love to connect with you on Facebook and Pinterest. I look forward to talking with you!

serving God training kids

Supporting Those Dealing With The Pain Of Infertility

Read: Dealing With The Pain of Infertility

You have heard Ruth’s side of the story. Now I’d like to just add a few thoughts of mine on Supporting Those Dealing With The Pain Of Infertility.

I’ve said it before. One of the hardest things about being a mom is watching your kids go through trials, and not being able to “fix” it.  I saw Ruth cry, but at the same time, I saw her grow. I saw her trusting the Lord through her pain. There’s no way to say how much that blessed this mama’s heart. Sometimes God allows those hurts to bring glory to Him, and as moms, we have to “let go and let God”.

Supporting Those Dealing With The Pain Of Infertility

Supporting Those Dealing With The Pain Of Infertility two woman consoling each other

1. I listened when she wanted to talk about it.

2. Sometimes I cried with her; sometimes I cried when talking to God about it, and asking Him to comfort her.

3. I prayed for her daily.

4. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t ask God to let her get pregnant. I know God has a reason for everything, and His timing is perfect. I didn’t want to ask Him to do something that I thought was best, because His ways aren’t our ways, and His ways are above ours.

More tips to help you support those dealing with the pain of infertility

5. As much as I wanted to,  I also didn’t ask God to take the pain and difficulty away. Often that is such a huge way that our kids grow, and their faith becomes stronger. Difficulties are intended to help us grow, and I didn’t want to ask God to take that opportunity from her. (Believe me, I wanted to ask Him to take the pain away, and let her get pregnant right away!)

6. I did ask God to comfort her and to give her the grace and strength she needed to deal with the pain of infertility and disappointment she was struggling with.

7. I rejoiced as I saw God helping her. He taught her to trust Him through her heartache. I heard it in our conversations, and she expressed it in her story:

“But as much as it hurt, I was okay with that, and told God many times over, that while I hoped He was going to allow me to get pregnant, I was willing to let Him do with us as He saw fit, as long as He gave us the grace to bear it. I had to learn that God is good, faithful, and always right, and He did teach me that, and I will always believe it with all of my heart.”

8. I reminded God that He promised to hear and answer our prayers, and give us the desires of our heart if we trusted Him. He knew Ruth’s desire, but I reminded Him of that and said that I would love to see Him prove Himself, by giving her the desire of her heart, if that was His will.

It’s hard to watch our children go through trials, but what a blessing to know they are safe in God’s hands, and that He is working all things out for good, and for His glory! God is faithful, and we can trust Him always!

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Dealing With The Pain of Infertility

Supporting Those Dealing With The Pain Of Infertility

The Emotional Pain of Infertility

Read: Learning To Trust God Through Infertility

The emotional pain infertility caused was a heart-wrenching, personal sort of pain. Throughout these months of infertility, my body was undergoing a lot of stress. The medication stress and the emotional pain of infertility, I really don’t even know how to describe.

Mother’s Day was very difficult for me. I felt like my “secret” was on display to the world. That was really not logical at all, but it’s how I felt. It’s not something I would have ever understood until I went through it myself.

The Emotional Pain of Infertility

Woman sad and in emotional pain

The emotional, mental, and physical stress was constant. I took pregnancy tests several times over these months. My cycle would sometimes show up one or two days late, and I was just so very hopeful. Sometimes I think I imagined pregnancy symptoms (although in my defense, I have to mention that my body also mimicked some symptoms as well, due to the medications).

Well, fertility treatment gets very costly. We ran out of money after several months of medication and specialist appointments. Due to that and the fact that I was beginning to feel as if I was losing my mind, we took a much-needed break, for 2 or maybe 3 months.

Nothing happened in those months, and after that, we were able to afford one more month of treatment before the money was really gone. This time we knew it would be a minimum of 3 months, if not 6 months or longer before we would have enough money saved for father treatment.

At this point, this had all been going on for 2 years. The emotional pain was intense, to say the least. 

Two years is a time frame that typically flies by in life. While it was flying, every month also felt excruciatingly slow as we waited to see what might happen. Once again, I had to surrender my heart’s desire to God. He had been with me throughout all of this – I could not have done it without Him.

Quite honestly, I had never questioned Him as to why I was experiencing infertility. I had no problem surrendering to Him because He was giving me the grace to trust Him.

But with surrender, there is still emotional pain.

It shows up as you realize that in His infinite wisdom, God’s plans may in fact be very different from what you had planned for yourself. But as much as it hurt emotionally, I was okay with that.

I told God many times over, that while I hoped He was going to allow me to get pregnant, I was willing to let Him do with us as He saw fit. We just needed Him to give us the grace to bear it. During this, I had to learn that God is good, faithful, and always right. He did teach me that, and I will always believe it with all of my heart.

I’m talking a lot about how emotionally painful all of this was because that’s the bare, ugly truth of it. Yet it is also true that I have never known God, and known His presence and grace so clearly as I did during this time. I had some very dark times, and I want to be honest about that. But even through those times, I knew if I could just hang on, daylight was coming, and God would sustain us.

One of the things that I prayed for regularly, was for God to be glorified through all of this emotional pain of infertility.

If nobody else even saw Him working I didn’t care (although I also said it’d be great if they did). I also didn’t care if He never let me get pregnant. If He would let me see His hand in my life and see Him being glorified, I would be alright.

I also began telling Him that if He never allowed me to get pregnant, I would still love Him, and I would still praise Him. The ironic thing is, looking back now, I didn’t know it right away of course, but He did allow me to get pregnant in that time frame where I had really become very adamant in those specific prayers, and I just think that’s kind of interesting. 🙂

Throughout this infertility journey, I also had someone write me a note, who had become aware of our struggle. They told me how much of an encouragement I had been to them.

They said the joy of the Lord was evident in my life, in spite of the emotional pain I was dealing with.

This was a huge blessing to me because it showed me that God was being glorified and He was working and using me to encourage others. This was even though I was sometimes merely speaking truth out loud – well, on my Facebook – in order to remind MYSELF of the truth!

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Goals For The Summer

to do list How many of you made goals for the summer? Does the picture portray your summer plans? Sometimes when we finish the school year, we just want to sit back and relax all summer. However, I think it is important to make goals, and use the summer to accomplish some of the things that you have been neglecting, or that are hard to get to during the school year. Here is how I have set my goals for the summer months.


First, I listed the areas that I want to be sure and focus on during the summer.

1. Spiritual growth

2. Self renewal

3. Recreation/fun with family

4. Housework

5. Business responsibilities

Next, I wrote down the things I want/need to do in each of these areas. For example, for the spiritual growth: daily spend time reading God’s Word, and in prayer;  read a couple of inspirational books. For self-renewal: work on better nutrition, and regular exercise. Part of the self-renewal would fall under recreation/fun with family. For housework:  de-clutter, then deep clean. My business responsibilities: blog posts, review new books, send out speaker packs, answer emails, etc. My list for all of these is much more detailed, and broken down into parts, so nothing will be too overwhelming. (For example, I will de-clutter and deep clean one room a week.)

To ensure that I actually accomplish these goals, on the weekend I set up  the specific plans in each area, and break it down by days.

*Quiet time with God;  15 minutes of inspirational reading (Every day)

*Exercise; Get to bed on time; take vitamins (Every day)

*Play game with family; spend time in pool with kids; date with husband (varies by day of week)

*Declutter – bedroom dressers; bedroom closet; boxes under bed; (varies by day)

* Fill orders; Spend 15 minutes reading one of the review books; 15 minutes answering emails

Breaking things down like this helps me to focus, and at the same time not be overwhelmed. Rather than put down clean the entire kitchen, I list each job for the kitchen (clean silverware drawers, organize medicine cupboard, clean/organize/pantry, clean/organize cupboards with dishes, etc.) Then I choose a couple of those things and put them on the list for the day. Each evening  I make a master list for the next day. I may not always get to everything, but having attainable goals that are and broken up for me, makes it much more likely that I will get many of the things done each day, and DEFINITELY more than if I didn’t list the goals I wanted to accomplish. I want to make this summer count, and spend time on the priorities that God has placed on my heart. That requires planning. “To fail to plan, is to plan to fail.”

What are your goals for this summer? Do you have a plan to reach those goals? I’d love to hear what you are working on this summer, and how you are going about making those plans happen!

The Power of Being a Godly Parent – part 2

Yesterday i shared the first of  3 keys to help us be successful in our homeschooling and parenting: Continual Focus on the Bible.  If you missed it, you can read it here:  Part 1

2nd Key to Success: Growth in Character

Since Godly character springs from a deep relationship with Jesus, it rests on the foundation of faith. As your child learns to read God’s Word, memorize, and obey it, he will then be able to grow in character.

The most important fruit we can nurture in our children is character. If our kids learn nothing but character alone, they will be better prepared for life than those who are taught pure academics, but no character.




                                                                                                                                            – Ray Ballman

Be sure and teach character regularly. Have a plan, and every morning after everyone has had their time in God’s Word, have a lesson on character. If things get crazy that day, and you don’t get to the academics, or only get some of them done, you will have accomplished what was most important. You can also teach character all through the day as you encourage kindness, diligence, initiative, etc.

3rd Key to Success: Prayer

One of the most important parts of the educational process of teaching and training our children is the prayer that goes on behind the scenes. Prayer is the most important part of raising our children, because God can do what we can’t do! We need to saturate the lives of our children in prayer. I often tell parents that we need to work as though it all depends on us, but pray as though it all depends on God. We need to seek His wisdom in training our children, then use His Word to teach them, while praying the whole time that God will take that teaching of His Word, and work in their hearts!

Daily go to God in prayer, and ask Him for wisdom in your parenting and teaching. Then bring your child and his problems to Jesus in prayer. Ask God to do a mighty work in their hearts and lives. God invites us to come to Him in prayer, and we have His power available to us, but so often we fail to take advantage of it. If you haven’t already done so, may I encourage you to make a commitment to pray daily for your children? None of us can be perfect as parents, but we can all be praying parents!

Remember, the most powerful people in the world are parents of faith. Why? Because of who we have on our side. Never forget or under estimate the influence God has given you as a parent, as you teach and train your children for Him. Keep His Word as your focus, character training as a top priority, and regularly claim His power in prayer!

(Written for and published in the CHAP magazine.)

Please Take Time

Years ago my children sang this song at a conference that I was speaking at. What a great reminder to make time for our children!

Taking time for the kids

Mom and Dad, I know you hurry through each day of work and worry
But this is a reminder that I bring;
Just a little time I’m small, seems like hardly any time at all,
Soon these precious years will pass and so I sing:

Please take time to play, take the time to pray;
So quickly time will pass and I’ll be grown.
Take time to hold my hand, time to love and understand,
Please take the time before the time’s all gone.

When my life was all brand new, God gave the job to you,
To teach me how to love and how to live.
Teach me how to kneel in prayer, believing Christ will meet me there,
Trusting Calvary’s price my sins were all forgiven.

Now while my heart is tender, you can teach me to surrender,
For I look to your example and long to please.
But the time will someday come when opportunity is gone,
And as the twigs were bent will grow the tree.

Please take time to play, take the time to pray;
So quickly time will pass and I’ll be grown.
Take time to hold my hand, time to love and understand,
Please take the time before the time’s all gone.

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